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Precon/Postcon Training

Thursday, April 11th| 8:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Knowledge Enhancement Seminar 
Estelle Hutchinson MS, MBA, ABVE/D

Participants will be guided through a review of the ABVE Code of Ethics and core forensic competencies which are covered in the certification examination. Federal regulations and standard methodologies will be discussed, as well as how to prepare for deposition and trial testimony. Also a great refresher course for anyone in the field! The ethical standards for CRC, CDMS, and ABVE will be discussed. 
Available CEUs: 4.5 ABVE, 3 Other
 & Available CE hours:

Friday, April 12th| 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Early Stages of Becoming a Vocational Expert
Terry P. Leslie, M.Ed., CRC, ABVE/D, LPC

This program is focused on the person who is just starting to complete vocational expert reports or is interested in working in this area. The program will focus on the content of vocational expert reports, vocational expert testimony, sources of referrals and business practices.
Available CEUs: 4.5 ABVE, 3 Other

Use and application of the COPSystem Standardized Vocational Assessments
Lisa Lee, Ph.D.

This interactive session will present alternative versions of the COPSystem assessments for use with a wide variety of populations. Participants will receive samples of non-verbal assessments, fourth-grade reading level assessments, and alternative translations. An integrated system that measures interest, ability, and work values and combines them into a single report will be demonstrated online. Case studies will be discussed along with validity and how to properly use the assessments. 
Available CEUs: 4.5 ABVE, 3 Other

Sunday, April 14th| 12:45 PM - 5:00 PM

NRCA Meeting
Chrisann Schiro-Geist, Ph.D., ABVE/D, IPEC & Dr. Michelle Marme

You do not want to miss this dynamic workshop! Group facilitators will challenge participants to look at many key facets of the rehabilitation counseling field within an ethical context!

Ethical Issues and ethical practice are at the heart of how Rehabilitation Counselors conduct their practice. Ethical practice is the basis for being a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor (CRC)and NRCA has adopted the CRC Code of Ethics, as the one that it embraces. In addition to an ethical code, counselors need to understand and incorporate into practice a deep understanding of underlying Ethical Principles.

This 4 hour workshop will review a model for addressing ethical issues in practice, but will also use that model to deal with how these ethical issues have effected the direction of and will apply to the management of professional rehabilitation organizations in the future. This is a workshop for those who care about Ethics, professionalism and professional organizations. Modeling will be focused on the history of these issues within NRCA itself, but can and will apply to and be contrasted with other organizations, such as ABVE. How organizations co-exist and work together will be a focus of the final group discussion.
Available CEUs: 4 ABVE & CRCC (Pending)

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