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Pre-Approved Courses

Have you attended other conferences or taken an IARP Webinar? There is a chance that you can submit your certificate for free if the conference/webinar has been pre-approved. Check with ABVE Headquarters to see if any session you attended has been pre-approved by emailing [email protected].

Please fill out the pre-approved CEU form to have these CEUs added to your record. Required documentation: Verification of Attendance/Completion.

Alternative CEUs

All applicants seeking approval of Alternative CEU’s must submit a completed application, pay the required fee, and submit the supporting documents at the time of the application. There will be no consideration given to applications without the required documentation which is listed below and on the application form.

Please be sure to:
1. Complete one form for each alternate continuing education event or program
2. Submit a verification of attendance/completion with each application form
3. Submit program description to allow discernment of Forensic Applicability
4. Submit the required fee ($75 organization approval, $15 individual approval)

Fill out the Alternative Continuing Education Application.

Please allow 6-8 weeks for Alternative CEU’s to be approved. The deadline for Alternative CEU applications to be submitted for the 2022-2024 CEU cycle is December 31, 2024.

 Online CEU Opportunities


The ABVE Board of Directors is happy to announce that you now can get pre-approved Continuing Education Units through Chirocredit.com. To purchase ABVE pre-approved courses through Chirocredit.com, click this link: ChiroCredit.com Once you have completed your course, submit your certificate of completion to ABVE Headquarters to have the CEUs applied to your record.

Here’s how to get started:

  • Visit www.chirocredit.com then using the black navigation bar click on “Courses,” then “American Board of Vocational Experts” to view the offerings. When you identify your selection, click on “Register,” then choose ABVE again.
  • After completing registration, login and you will be on your personal homepage. Simply click on the start button to begin and earn ABVE CEUs!

Benefits to ABVE Members:

  • Immediate access to online continuing education courses relevant to ABVE members
  • Upon course completion, immediate access to certificate of completion
  • NO administrative cost to submit ABVE/IPEC Pre-Approved Courses
  • Every year, ABVE will provide one free continuing education course to ABVE members
  • Try it out now and get your first course for FREE! New courses will continue to be added on a regular basis!


The ABVE Board of Directors is happy to announce that you now can get pre-approved Continuing Education Units through one of our preferred providers, AAACEUS. To purchase ABVE pre-approved courses through AAACEUS and get a 10% discount, click this link: ABVE pre-approved CEU’s. An Alternative CEU Application and $15 processing fee must be submitted to ABVE for each AAACEU course taken that is not ABVE pre-approved. Doing so will enable you to receive credit toward your certification requirement.

You will need:

  • A copy of the official attendance form for the activity, signed and dated by an authorized party representing the sponsoring agency. This form shall have the sponsoring agency’s telephone number listed so that members of the ABVE CEU Committee may call the agency to discuss forensic application of the sponsored activity.
  • A copy of the program/seminar brochure which indicates the dates of the activity, the sponsoring agency, the total hours allocated to the activity, a detailed description of the objectives and content of the learning sessions so that the ABVE CEU Committee can determine if it meets the 16 Core Forensic Competency Areas.