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Members listed in the online member directory may list Area(s) of Practice with the specialty/service being designated as numbers within the Area(s) of Practice (e.g. B-5). The Areas of Practice are listed below A through F.

A) Workers’ Compensation
B) Personal Injury Litigation
C) Marital Dissolution
D) Civil Rights: ADA & Age Discrimination
E) Social Security
F) Wrongful Death
G) Other Areas of Practice (Specify in Application)


The following specialties and services are within the scope of one or more areas of practice shown above. A specialty or service is included in an area of practice.

  1. Case management
  2. Labor market surveys
  3. Vocational evaluation/TSA
  4. Job placement
  5. Rehabilitation planning
  6. Job analysis/modification
  7. Loss of earning capacity
  8. Life care planning
  9. Loss of household services
  10. Hedonics/consortium
  11. Economic analysis
  12. Psychological counseling, assessment, treatment


Vocational Assessment

  1. Forensic Vocational Reporting
  2. Medical/Functional Aspects of Disability
  3. Forensic Vocational Rehabilitation Tools
  4. Psychometric Evaluation

Forensic Vocational Practice Venues and Systems

  1. Disability Systems
  2. The American Legal System
  3. Civil Litigation
  4. Life Care Planning

Professional Standards and Practice

  1. Clinical Judgment
  2. Research and Statistics
  3. Professional Standards and Ethical Issues



Below are resources available to new applicants invited to take the certification exam to enhance their knowledge about vocational forensic testimony.


A minimum of three Letters of Reference documenting your years of experience providing expert opinion in a forensic setting (i.e. attorneys, judges, hearing officers, arbitrators, etc.)